Why register a domain name

Registering a good domain name is imperative to the success of a website. Several solutions of blogs or free websites are available but no solution offers a desirable and short domain name.

It is essential that you carefully choose your domain name, because if you spend a lot of time and spend lots of money to promote your site, you do not want to change your mind later. The choice of the domain name is the first step to consider before creating a site for that reason.

A domain name also gives you the opportunity to do some marketing every day with your email address on your own domain name. Why not give notoriety to your business or brand rather than Hotmail, Videotron or other?

Domain names are very important for search engines, you can use your company name or the brand that you represent, but also consider the use of keywords for it. Search engines give so much importance to the search terms in domain names that often the first results contain your search term, do the test. Search engines ignore punctuation, key-word.com is as valid if keyword.com is already taken.

You can use the form to the right to search the availability of a domain name. Also visit the Google Keywords Tool to check the statistics on your potential keywords.

Protect your domain

As reported by Protégez-vous, please note that Domain Registry of Canada is not an official govermental agency even though their forms have the colors of it.

You will probably receive a form similar to the one on the left just before the time to renew your domain name. You are absolutely free to register or transfer your domain name to any registrar of your choice, however this company uses a not very honest way get you has a costumer and has been reported to not offer a good service, having high prices and selling domains (that clients own) to others without clients consent.

Please be aware of this situation and always contact your registrar before renewing or transfering your domain name to another registrar.

Domain Availability



Allows you to combine prefixes and suffixes by category to create new words that could be your domain name. Also try their domain name generator that could inspire you.

Bust A Name

This interesting tool creates some combinations from keywords you enter.


This site has various tools for helping you find a domain name. This is THE site to go to research information on a specific domain name.


If you think about buying an existing domain and you get asked a ridiculously high price, this site is the reference to get an aproximate value for a domain. It is also a good site to estimate the value of your own domain name if you decide to sell it.


Is a domain search engine for recently expired domain names. Some very good domain names can be found there.


This site sells complete branding. You can buy a company name together with a logo and domain name. Very interesting for new companies and a great source of inspiration too.