Take a list of emails and separate them with a semi-colon (;)

Oct 24 2014

Today I will share with you a small trick I often use when I need to send emails to many people but I only have a list of emails 1 per line or in an Excel spreadsheet. The problem is that most email software will accept a list of email addresses, but they have to be separated by a semi-colon (;) So here is how to get it done:

  1. If your list of email addresses is not yet in Microsoft Excel, copy it then paste it in Excel
  2. Select the cells containing the emails and copy it (Ctrl-c) or right click then click on Copy
    copier de Excel
  3. Open a new Microsoft Word document and paste your list as plain text
    1. If you are the keyboard shortcuts type, hit Ctrl-c then press and release Ctrl, then press t
    2. If you are the mouse type, then right click and hit the yellow button in this image.
      Paste in Word
  4. We now have a list of emails one per line. We just need to replace the line returns by semicolons (;) using the search and replace tool.
    1. If you are a keyboard shortcuts type, hit Ctrh+h
    2. If you are a mouse type, Click on Replace in the home toolbar
  5. In the search and replace dialog, click the More button to show all features
    Show more in word Search and Replace
  6. First click in the Find what: field and delete anything that is already there, then click on Special and select the first option: Paragraph Mark.

    Insert paragraph mark
  7. In the Replace with: field, type just a semicolon (;)
  8. Finally, click on Replace All and when it is done, just delete the last semicolon that is extra.

    Email list
  9. There you go, you can copy-paste this text and use it as an emails list in any email program.

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