Fix: DotNetNuke users can't reset their password

Oct 24 2014

I have received quite a number of request for help lately about DotNetNuke users that are not able to reset their password. In this blog post, I will explain what the problem is and how to resolve it.

First, this issue is mainly affecting multilingual websites. This is because the actual feature is not broken but it is a problem with the text being shown to the users. So their is usually no problem if the message comes from the standard DotNetNuke language file, but you need to update the text for the other languages used in your website.

The issue is that the Membership:Password token used to display the password to the user and it no longer works. In other words, the previous procedure was to simply email the password to the user, for security reasons it is now a new procedure. The site send a password reset link to the user, the user clicks it and changes the password for a new one on the website. This prevents the password by email which is not very secure.

So to fix this issue:

  1. Login to your website as SuperUser or Host (if possible, if not, you can also do it with an admin account)
  2. Go to Admin -> Languages in the control panel
  3. Click the pencil for each language under System or Host ( if you don't see System, you are not a SuperUser, click on Site instead)
    The difference between these 3 options are the following:
    System: Will affect all sites but will be overwritten if you install an updated language pack
    Host: Will affect all sites and will not be overwritten if you install an updated language pack
    Site: Will only affect the site you are on
  4. Scroll down (or search) until you see a resource named: EMAIL_PASSWORD_REMINDER_BODY.Text
  5. Translate the text you see on the left to the language you are editing buy keeping the tokens exactly as they are (do not translate them). Tokens are indicated in bold here without their [ and ] symbols, because they would show you the replaced value instead of the token. So don't forget on your site to put [ before and ] after each item in bold:
    Dear User:DisplayName,

    You have requested a Password Reset Token from Portal:PortalName.

    Please login using the following information:

    Website Address: Portal:URL
    Username:   User:Username

    Link to reset password: http://Portal:URL/default.aspx?ctl=PasswordReset&resetToken=Membership:PasswordResetToken


    *Note: If you did not request a Password Reset Token, please disregard this Message.
  6. Finally scroll to the bottom and save the changes.

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