Fixing duplicate Display Names in DotNetNuke

Oct 19 2014

Since DotNetNuke 6, it is possible to require unique display names. This allows social modules to display a name for a user without exposing the login UserName or the real person first and last names. If you site uses social features, it is important that those display names be unique to prevent a user to post content in the name of another user.

By activating this feature, users are no longer able to register with a Display Name already in use. However, there are 2 oversights. First, the user or an admin can change the Display Name after registration to anything else (including a Display Name already in use). Secondly, you may already have duplicates before you activate this feature, and they don't get automatically changed. In this blog post, I provide you with both solutions the these problems.

Creating a webservice in DotNetNuke 7

Jun 11 2014

I have recently been assigned to built a DotNetNuke web service to allow a windows application (or any type of web client for that matter) the ability to manage DotNetNuke user accounts (create, change roles, delete, retrieve email address, etc.).

Since I had a hard time finding a correct code sample or documentation that actually applies to DotNetNuke 7 and accessing it without being previously logged in to DotNetNuke, it was difficult to built anything. I finally found out how to do it correctly so I tough I would put my efforts to some use and write a blog post explaining how to do it step by step.

World Backup Day

Mar 31 2012

March 31st is World Backup Day. Just as we must remember to change batteries in smoke detectors when we change time, we must all remember to have a backup and restore strategy on the 31st of March. The date is pretty easy to remember because it is the eve of April Fools day surprises. This does not mean that you should make a backup only once a year, but it is a good time to check that we have an effective solution.


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